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Association Meetings – 2018/2019


Meetings are held at 7.30 p.m. on  the second Tuesday of each month from September through to May in St. Johns Episcopal Church Hall. Princes St, Perth, PH2 8LJ.

11th Sep 2018:  Autumn Bee Watch,,,.  Bring along your questions for panel of experts.

9th Oct 2018:  A talk about Ospreys and Beavers by Scottish Wildlife.

13th Nov 2018:  Plants and Habitat for Bees by Margaret Lear.

11th Dec 2018:  The PDBKA Christmas Party – social night with food, drink, raffle and fun.  Everyone is welcome.   Short talk by Ralph Dargie on “Beekeeping Aussie Style”

8th Jan 2019:   Steve Fulton – “My summer with a Flow Hive” , this will be followed by the results  from the honey judging competition with Enid Brown.  Honey will be judged as runny and set honey.

12th Feb 2019:  AGM

12th Mar 2019 :   Fiona Highet – update on the Asian Hornet and reporting in the UK and Scotland

9th Apr 2019:  Grant Reid – ‘Bayer and The Bees’ –  update on bee health solutions

14th May 2019:  Phil McAnespie – Vice President, Scottish Beekeepers Association.    Swarm prevention  and the Pagden method

——— Summer Break

9th September 2019: Autumn Bee Watch – Q&A Session with Expert Panel

14th October 2019: Honey Judging Competition from 2019 honey harvest, new category labelling to be included.  Judge – Enid Brown

12th November 2019:  Gavin Ramsay – discussion on the different ways that bees communicate – “It’s not all about the Waggle Dance”