The National Bee Unit has confirmed that Asian hornet workers have been positively identified in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.   A 3- mile surveillance zone has been established and teams of bee inspectors are endeavouring to locate and destroy nests in the area. This is the first  confirmed detection of Asian hornet on the UK mainland.  Earlier this year Asian hornets were confirmed on the Channel Islands. There is no immediate threat to honey bees in Scotland but the confirmation of this pest in the Uk is a serious cause for concern.  At this stage we are uncertain how far north this pest will thrive.

Gavin Ramsey SBA Bee Health Officer.




Dan basterfield grew up with beekeeping round him,  earning pockiet money by clipping and marking Queens. Having spent 15 years working in large companies he returned to the family beekeeping business in Devon,  expanding the business and building a brand new honey farm raising queens and selling honey.  Dan holds his BBKA Master Beekeepers and Microscopy certificate.  he is an active member of the Bee Farmers Association and a Trustee of the International Bee Research Association (BRA) as well as vice-chariman of the NDB Examinations board. Dan will be giving several talks across Scotland on the following:

Foraging Behaviour,  Newbattle and Scotlandwell.

Reading Bees, Blackburn (Aberdeen),  Cambuslang and Dumfries.

Vertical Split Queen Rearing, Cawdor.

Vertifacl Split Swarm Control, Dunblane.



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