CONSTITUTION AND RULES (as amended 2015)


The name of the Association (which is affiliated to the Scottish Beekeepers Association (SBA)) shall be called the “PERTH AND DISTRICT BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION”.


Membership of Perth and District Beekeepers Association shall be open to any person interested in beekeeping upon payment of the annual subscription fee. There are three categories of membership:-

(i) Ordinary member, who shall have a current subscription.

(ii) Young member, any person under the age of sixteen years, or a student on a recognised university or college course, who shall pay half the annual subscription fee and have all the privileges except voting at meetings.

(iii) Honorary Life Member, any member who has given many years service to beekeeping or the Association may be proposed for Honorary Life Membership at the AGM. If such a proposal is approved by at least two-thirds of those present who are eligible to vote then such a member shall be entitled to all privileges extended to ordinary members without payment of any further subscription.

Other than an Honorary Life Member, no person shall be entitled to the privileges of the Association until their annual subscription has been paid.


(a) To promote interest and disseminate knowledge in honeybees andthe art of beekeeping within the local community.

(b) To unite beekeepers for their mutual benefit and to improve the standard of beekeeping

(c) To promote the products and value of honeybees


(a) Indoor lecture programme during winter months – when possible.

(b) Lectures or demonstrations at suitable and accessible apiary sites during spring and summer months.

(c) Promotion of beekeeping in the Perth and District area.


(a) The office bearers of the Association shall consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Education Convener, Apiary Manager and Website Manager. Each office shall be held for a period of up to three years after which the holder is required to stand down. However, if the holder is willing to continue in office they may be nominated for a further term, again not exceeding three years. Wherever possible it shall be arranged that the terms of all office bearers do not end in the same year.

(b) These office bearers, along with three further, ordinary members who will be elected at the AGM and will serve a three year term, shall form the Executive Committee of the Association (afterwards known as “the Committee”), which shall manage the affairs of the Association.

(c) The Committee shall have full discretionary powers to make or amend byelaws, providing always they shall in no way contravene a rule made at a general meeting.

(d) The Committee shall have the power to make a temporary replacement of any office bearer or member of the Committee who has resigned or otherwise left the organisation during the year until the subsequent AGM when the post shall fall vacant.

(e) The Committee shall also have full discretionary powers to cancel the membership of any individual or group of individuals whose continued connection with the Association would, in their opinion, be detrimental to its’ interests.

(f) The Committee shall meet as required.

(g) Not less than fourteen days notice shall be given of each meeting, and such notice shall be accompanied by an agenda for that meeting.

(h) The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be four.


(a) Meetings of the Association shall be presided over by the President or in their absence by the Vice President. If both these office bearers are absent then a Chairman shall be appointed from those members present. In the event of a tied vote at any meeting the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

(b) A true and accurate record will be documented and kept of each meeting. This will be proposed and accepted as such at the next meeting.

(c) The AGM of Perth and District Beekeepers Association shall be held in February. The date, hour and place to be fixed by the Committee.

(d)  An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be called by the Secretary within twenty-eight days of receipt of a requisition signed by any ten ordinary members. The business which they wish to discuss, shall be stated in such requisition, and shall be quoted in the agenda accompanying the notice summoning such a meeting, which will be to discuss that business only.

(d) Not less than fourteen days notice shall be given of any such meetings and such notice shall include an agenda for the proposed meeting.

(e) The quorum for an AGM / EGM shall be one quarter of the membership.

(f) All motions at any meeting shall be voted upon by a show of hands unless a ballot of the members present is demanded by any five members in the room.

(g) Election to any contested Executive Committee post shall be by a show of hands unless a ballot is deemed a more appropriate by the circumstances. If a ballot is carried out, the names of the tellers counting the votes shall be recorded in the minutes of that meeting.

(h) Any alteration to the Association rules must have a two-thirds majority of the ordinary members present at the AGM or EGM called for that purpose.


In the event of any member being incapacitated by illness so that they cannot attend to their bees, the Committee shall, upon the application of that member or their representative, deputise someone to do so until such time as the member is able to resume care of them. All such services shall be rendered at the owners’ risk, and no liability shall attach either to the Committee or to the Deputy sent by the Committee. The Committee may make a small charge to cover the working expenses of their Deputy.


(a) The Association may be dissolved by at least two-thirds majority of members casting their votes at an EGM for which the relevant period of notice had been given stating the terms of the proposal to dissolve.

(b) Any assets remaining after the settlement of such debts and liabilities shall be lodged with the SBA against a new Beekeeping Association being formed in the same area at a future date.